Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Additions

Here are some more new additions for today, bringing us to a grand total of 475 food bloggers in Boston! (If you still don't see your name, don't worry. More additions coming soon!)
  • BakerGal (Facebook): " is where I share my frequent baking creations - photos, recipes, and relevant tips - and the occasional non-baking creation or photography insight. I hope you enjoy it!"
  • Belm Blog by David G. Shaw: "I‘m a web designer, cook, parent, blogger, skeptic, and atheist, in no particular order. I have a biology degree from MIT, and worked for the General Foods Corporation – experiences that occasionally get in the way of my attempts to cook more intuitively than scientifically. I am married to She Who Must Be Obeyed, who is wholly responsible for my starting this blog (“You should write about all this crazy stuff you’re doing in our kitchen.”). We live in an uneasy truce with He Who Will Not Be Ignored, whose willingness to try my weekly experiments is tempered by his need to apply buffalo wing sauce to everything on his plate."
  • The Cook, The Dishwasher, and The Cookbooks by Larissa Halfond: "I'm a newlywed (well, more or less) who enjoys cooking quick, healthful, budget-friendly meals for my husband, who enjoys doing the dishes (well, more or less)."
  • Cookbook Love by Suzanne Marie DeWitt (Facebook): "A fun look at vintage and antique cookbooks, old recipes from vintage magazines, and our grandmothers' recipe card boxes. Playful commentary about American culture shifts as demonstrated through cooking."
  • Corn in the USA (@cornfreejuly): "My blog focuses mainly on how to avoid the pitfalls of the convenient, cheap, unhealthy food that is so readily available and so responsible for a myriad health problems. I'm also very interested in local shopping and dining to support small restaurants and farmers, and as well as for the fun of exploring my neighborhood, and meeting new friends and colleagues who share my passion."
  • Culinary Colleen by Colleen McConnell (@CulinaryColleen): "I love everything having to do with food. I'm a traveling IT consultant by day, but I spend my spare time cooking, eating out, and writing about food. Enjoy."
  • Enjoy Every Sandwich by Jonathan Bornstein (@zucrow): "Ok. I’m that guy. I. Love. Food. All kinds. You say your Mom’s a great cook? Excellent. When can I come over? Got a fantastic sandwich place that bakes their own bread/makes their own condiments/slices the meat fresh to order? Where is it? I can’t wait to try it. You love diners? Me too! Which one is your favorite? Let’s go. Now. No really. Now!"
  • Generation Y Foodie by Dara Reppucci (@genyfoodie):"My blog is devoted to developing healthy, simple recipes that utilize local and seasonal ingredients. My goal is to show young professionals that cooking can be simple, fun and part of a busy lifestyle."
  • The Good Girl Gone Blog by Alana Brooks (@goodgrlgoneblog/Facebook): "I'm a fashion blogger with a passion for baking and cooking. Now that I'm out of my 200 sq. ft. studio and have an actual kitchen, it's time to reduce the take out and increase the home cooked meals!"
  • Greenthyme by Stephanie Skoog: "Here I share anything and everything noteworthy that comes out of my kitchen. I create my own vegetarian recipes, focusing on whole foods, natural ingredients, and simplicity. Much of what I share involves stories and memories, often created or evoked in the process."
  • The King of Crock by Michael Randall (Facebook): "I am a big fan of SLOW COOKIN' and do my best to post easy and practical (and delicious) recipes, product reviews, and other Crock Pot related stories. I have had a LOT of fun with this blog over the past year. I hope you enjoy it too!"
  • Kitchen Confessions (@KConfessions): "Making some family classics, and making some new mistakes. The point of my blog is sharing traditions and constantly trying new things, whether I have a recipe of not. All in all, I am just another Italian taking over the kitchen."
  • Liz Lemon Nights by Lys Riley (@lysriley): "Lys Riley is a self taught cook who is absolutely in love with food. She believes that we all have the means to make delicious, uncomplicated plant-based meals at home, if only with a little guidance and maybe a good sense of humor. Lys lives in Boston, and is a self-admitted red pepper flake and caramelized onion addict. She loves leggings, sleeping in on rainy days and yoga."
  • Oh Cake by Jessica Hose (@jesshose/Facebook): "All things edible in and around Boston...because everyone loves Cake."
  • Omnomnivores (@omnomnivores/Facebook): "We eat food. We eat it everyday. We often cook it in our ridiculously small kitchen and sometimes people even cook it for us. We appreciate local farmers and talented chefs and above all think the best food is clean, fresh and prepared with respect."
  • Pammi Cakes Recipes: "I am excited to get this blog started and to begin to share my passion for cooking with you all. My background is in finance with seven years of corporate experience. I work with forecasting and budgeting tools on a daily basis for my full time job and I enjoy taking these concepts and adapting them into my personal life and my love for cooking. We all work hard to budget our time and money in the most effective ways possible for our busy lives. Through my blog I am looking forward to sharing some of my tricks I have learned and also learning from all of you."
  • Pickles and Honey by Amanda Maguire (@PicklesNHoney): "Pickles & Honey is a healthy living blog with a focus on vegetarian and vegan food, especially baking. I also write about leaving my 9-5 to pursue my passions, and all of the ups and downs associated with that journey."
  • This is not a martini by Ryan C. Patti (@thsisntamartini): "A French friend once told me a martini could only be called so if it consists of vodka or gin, and vermouth. Anything more than that, she said, is not a martini. As Magritte pointed out in the late 1920's, we would be lying if we called something that may not be, fact. This is a collection of my very own original creations. Call them what you like."
  • To The Herbs (Facebook): "I'm a homesick girl from Mumbai, a shopaholic :), an arts lover, an engineer by profession and now an experimental cook (after marriage).  As a young girl I was hardly into cooking, I actually got interested after I had to leave the comforts of my parent’s house and had a kitchen to run on my own, that’s when I really started to develop an interest in cooking and collecting recipes. And that is when I decided to document my recipes in an effort to avoid constant calls back home to my Mom for recipes I never knew I possessed this passion for cooking until I started cooking. Back home, I used to cook for fun, which turned to be a necessity now. It's said necessity is father of all the inventions :) True for my kitchen experiments too. Come join me in my kitchen for some fusion, some Authentic Indian and some invention cooking."
  • Weekend Kitchenette by Lee Li Theng (Facebook): "I moved from Singapore to Boston a couple months ago and I am totally immersed in the food culture here. I am exploring the different food and ingredients in Boston and turning them into yummy treats. I love to be in the process of sharing and learning more about cooking/ baking and eating real food."

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