Saturday, January 7, 2012

500 Members!

We just hit a big milestone: Boston Food Bloggers now has 500 blogs listed! Here are the latest additions to the list; check them out and make them feel welcome!

Boozy Brunch by Tania Rangel: "Your guide to a fabulously shaken (not stirred) way of life."

Boston Food Deals by Phil Hunt (@bostonfreefood/Facebook): "My blog will help you find free and highly discounted food in the Boston area. Occasionally I will throw in a free non-food item. Enjoy!"

brfoodie by Pacience Smith (@coco520): "I am a recent Boston transplant from Louisiana. I have Massachusetts roots and I'm exploring all things New England but from a southerner's point of view."

Cooking with Coley by Nicole Lawler (@nicolelawler/Facebook): "More than just a recipe blog, Cooking with Coley is a destination for home cooks to get inspired – whether it’s making a dish healthier or experimenting with a new ingredient. I live by two mottos – any dish can be healthier without sacrificing flavor and anyone can cook if they just give it a try. Not only do I invite you to test a recipe yourself, but I challenge you to try to get creative in your own kitchen."

The Eats: "kteb and cdog decided to log their encounters with great things they have eaten or think about eating – which pretty much is all the time. they like food. they like to drink. they like to blog. it only made sense for this blogging relationship to become something of its own."

Finding clairity (@findingclairity): "There's a lot about food here. In an attempt to reign in a sugar addiction, I removed white sugar and dairy almost completely from my diet. I sweeten primarily with stevia, sometimes using small amounts of minimally processed sugars, like raw honey. Making this change has also encouraged me to eat healthier in general, and I follow a mostly vegan diet as well. My general food philosophy is to eat as much fresh produce and unprocessed, organic foods as possible. But I've also learned that I am more likely to stick to a healthy diet if I don't feel compelled to, so I occasionally indulge, and consider it part of my wellness plan."

Fitness and Feta (@fitnessandfeta/Facebook): "A Greek girl's guide to healthy living and a happy life."

Food Beautiful by Janet Kalandranis (@foodbeautyful): "There's nothing more comforting than Sunday dinners around a large Greek family. Food is a focal point of each day and of every occasion. I live for the smell of fresh herbs, the sight of an heirloom tomato and the ability of a bowl of pasta to connect a group of people. Here's my real food blog that makes a celebration out of every meal!"

Gourmanding (@whowantssoup): "Where to eat in Boston."

Kait's Inside Dish by Kait Capone (@KaitsInsideDish/Facebook): "As of January I am back to the bean town. I plan to blog about the many local restaurants (both about the vegan friendly offerings to the restaurants simply offering a vegan option by chance) I also plan to post recipes inspired by the local Boston flavors. My blog is unique because it focuses on healthy vegan recipes and dining reviews based on my travels."

A Locavore Lost in Urbanity (@lostlocavore): "A happy-go-lucky woman living in Boston, I’ve recently found myself immersed in a world of food and all aspects leading to its creation. This blog is a chronicle of my adventures as I challenge myself to being a locavore. I’m a new blogger hoping share my explorations and thoughts as I travel down this strange new road."

My Vegetarian Paradise (Facebook): "Being a vegetarian with a passion for local food, healthy choices and caring about the planet may not always seem like a paradise. This blog serves to show the successes and struggles - and everything in between!"

Old New England Recipes (@royalpresence): "Collections and curation of New England recipes from New England Clam Chowder to Boston Baked Beans, Seafood Newburg, and old fashioned brown bread."

Pea 1 and Pea 2 (@Pea1andPea2): "As sisters, fellow foodies, and best friends (when we're not fighting over clothes or the TV clicker), we've deemed ourselves--a cliche, we know--two peas in a pod. So, the two peas welcome you to a food blog that will keep us cooking, photographing, and procrastinating on a daily basis. These posts are our 'food moments': snippets of our daily lives that are captured through mealtimes. And snacktimes. Enjoy!"

The PescoVegetarian Times by Myrna Greenfield (@MyrnaGreenfield): "The PescoVegetarian Times is Myrna Greenfield’s blog about the joys and challenges of being a fish-eating vegetarian trying to eat fresh, local, healthy and delicious food."

Pink Apron Baker by Alayna Van Tassel (@PinkApronBaker/Facebook): "I am a thirtysomething professional working and living in the Boston area with a passion for baking and cooking. I am mostly self taught, having taken one class on pie making. Everything I have learned has been from trial and error...I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I've made and to share tips and techniques with others. I originally only posted about baking, but this blog has now grown to include general cooking posts. I love sharing ideas for making a delicious, yet quick weeknight meals."

Pretty Plate (@prettyplate/Facebook): "Inspiration for your kitchen endeavors."

Seasons from Scratch (@ssnsfrmscrth): "Perhaps one of my favorite things about nature is experiencing the change of the seasons. This is because I love taking part in 'seasonal' activities - baking apple pie in the fall, decorating our Christmas tree, planning a garden for the spring and designing and sewing a cute dress to add to my summer wardrobe. I have decided to share the how-tos for my delicious recipes and fun crafts in hopes that you will have as much joy creating these lovelies as I do!"

Seth's Food Blog by Seth Heidkamp: "A blog about cooking and food, and how to make it taste good and be healthy. The dishes are almost all gluten/dairy free, and many are vegetarian. The focus is on techniques and ingredients over recipes - this is about everyday cooking, and that means making it work with whats on hand!"

SheManufactures (@shemanufactures): "Learning to fit more veggies and better meat into our meals, baking with almond flour, finding great places to eat out, and occasionally laughing at stories of my kitchen catastrophes."

Simply Gourmet in Southie by Emily Goodman (@EmilyJGoodman/Facebook): "Life long Bostonian, passionate about cooking, and new to the blogging world!"

Streaming Cheese by Chris Tighe and David Gordon: "This blog is dedicated to the idea that great food can be prepared in grubby places. More specifically, our grubby kitchens. And, such a magnificent feat can be accomplished easily, without the help of fancy gadgets, expensive shopping trips to France, or lasers. Born from the land of triple-decker apartments, where the kitchens are crappy and the company’s rowdy, this blog sets the bar low to ensure success. All the food is acquired from local joints, cooked in less-than-ideal conditions, and photographed on scene as is. If you like simple food, modified to look like classy gastronomic porn, this blog might be for you. So strap on your aprons kids, its going to be a tasty ride."

The Sweet Life by Melanie Martin (@melanie_martin): "I’m a twenty-something preschool teacher living in Boston. I love to: BAKE, take pictures of things I bake, take pictures of things in general (read: mostly flowers and puppies), EAT, and explore this wonderful city I live in."

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook Blog (@DineLikeDraper/Facebook): "Our blog explores all aspects of the food and drink seen on the hit television show 'Mad Men.'"

Yoga, beauty, life: "I am on my path. Where it leads, I can only guess. My goal is to trust the process and work through my pain without judging it. I’ll update this as my path develops but for now, I invite you to travel along with me as all is revealed in due time."

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