Monday, November 28, 2011

New Additions

A few more new additions for today! Say hello to:
  • Creative Soul in Motion by Erin Madore (@IAmCre8tiveSoul/Facebook): "I see everyday as an opportunity to do better, and become better. So while I do not strive for perfection, I strive for improvement. This blog is meant to inspire and motivate others to take every day as a wonderful chance to try new things and embrace the positive changes within themselves."
  • Kitchenbelle (@kitchenbelle): "I love recipes. I am passionate about cooking and baking. I read cookbooks like novels. I have piles of recipes clipped from magazines and flagged in books. I enjoy trying published recipes as well as creating my own using random items in my cupboards. I love unleashing my creativity in the kitchen. My husband insisted I create this blog as a means of documenting the food I prepare for him, my family, and friends. In addition to keeping track of my adventures in the kitchen, perhaps this blog can inspire you to get in your kitchen and have some fun preparing meals and sweets for your family and friends!"
  • Lucky Taste Buds (@luckytastebuds): "I’m Michelle, a 20-something year-old foodie who loves to eat, create, and experience new foods. I believe that my upbringing in Asia, in a food-loving family, and the past 6 years living in Chicago has shaped my “food-tittude”. I currently live and attend dental school in Boston and I am excited for the new dining scene!!"
  • My Food Addiction by Kelda York (@keldafoodaddict/Facebook): "I am a teacher (and MOM!) by trade and a curious cook by nature. I have always had a love for food. Some of my fondest memories are of my sister and I cooking with my Grandmother in her 5'x10' kitchen, lacking many modern appliances but overflowing with pans, utensils, food, recipes and tradition. This is something I hope to pass onto my children - a love for cooking and knowing that there is always something new to try."
  • My Yogurt Addiction (@yogurtaddiction): "I am a recent college graduate, tennis player, dog lover, country music fan, and yogurt addict living in Massachusetts. I have been a healthy living blog reader for several years, and have finally mustered up the confidence to start my own! For as long as I can remember I have always had a huge interest in healthy living, food, fitness and of course healthy indulgences!"
  • Samantha in Training (@sam_in_training): "Just your average 20-something college-graduate working full-time living near the city of Boston. So what’s the reason behind “Samantha in Training”? Well it’s not just about training for a race. I focus on health, fitness, gossip, shopping, rants, raves, etc etc. I’m still a work in progress and I am constantly trying to better myself each and every day. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon but never thought I could. You know that old expression ‘do or do not. there is no try’ so I decided to commit myself to run my first half marathon!"
  • Two Fat Kids by Kathrin Havrilla and Chris Sanchez (@twofatkidsblog): "Two gastronomes who live in Boston and can't stop stuffing their faces and photographing it."
  • Wicked Good Travel and Activities (@wickedgoodtravl): "I’m always planning activities, getaways, parties and more for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and just because for my friends and loved ones. So, I’ve decided it was finally time to share my ideas with others! Most posts will be on the Northeast or New England areas, but I will also include ideas and information for areas all across the US and abroad as well as generic non-location specific travel, activities, party, and gift ideas."

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