Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Additions

I've really been lagging on the site updates. Sorry to those of you who had to wait forever to get added to the list! Anyways, here's the latest batch of BFB newbies. (Don't be alarmed if you've signed up recently but don't see yourself; I unfortunately still have a mega backlog. I'll be chipping away at it daily.) Check out their blogs, say hello, invite them to coffee, etc.:
  • Alli learns life (@AlliLearnsLife/Facebook) - "So here I am, I’m taking a harder look at the “life I want” and all that entails. you name it.."
  • Bits, Bites, and More by Carrie Liken - "I’m in my thirties and currently live in Boston with my husband, Brian. This is my opportunity to share my obsession with good food and drinks, healthy living and experiencing both on my travels. Brian is often times my guinea pig food tester as I try new foods and drinks, and he’s always game for a good culinary and exercise experiment, both in Boston and abroad."
  • Booze in Boston by Valerie Rollo (@BoozeInBoston) - Valerie writes, "Booze in Boston is a blog started by newlyweds whose quest is to visit all of the bars in Boston.  We hit up new places each week and review the drinks we purchase as well as the bar/restaurant itself."
  • Boston Rookie by Erica Thomas (@BostonRookie) - The adventures of a couple who relocated from Louisville, KY to Boston in February 2011
  • Boston Sake by Todd Bellomy (@BostonSake) - Todd writes, "My goal is to bring a craft beer mindset to the Boston Sake market and educate and inspire chefs, mixologists and all others to explore Sake."
  • Chowder (Boston Magazine) (@chowderboston) - "All About Boston Dining - Soup to Nuts"
  • Culinary Orgasm by Karen Martin (@culinary_orgasm) - "A perfect day for me often starts with “What are we going to make today?”, and I get excited about food shopping like some people get excited about shoe shopping. (Oh, but I LOVE shoe shopping...). I’ve been exciting/inspiring/tormenting my Facebook friends for quite a while now with my food musings….and now am branching out into the blogosphere. Look out world!"
  • Eating In or Out by Sacha Madadian (@EatingInOrOut) - Sacha writes, "I'm passionate about food writing and finally got the courage to launch a new blog after a couple of years of not blogging. My posts are longer and usually tell a full story about a dish, meal out, or anything else food-related. I am an advocate for eating local and natural food, and I'm excited to connect with other area bloggers!"
  • I like the way food tastes - "I have nothing against people who take pictures of food and put it on their website/blog/Tumblr. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t know about the tasty food out there. However, taste dominates appearance. In my experience the beautiful dishes belie their sub-par flavor, while the haphazard plates of steaming delight served in a run-down back-alley Chinatown have been found four times more addictive than crack and Fruit Ninja. Food was meant for eating. It was meant to excite the tongue with delicious goodness. The aura it creates and the image portrayed play second fiddle to that. In the end, all that matters is whether or not I like the way the food tastes."
  • Katie at the Kitchen Door - "First and foremost, I cook because I eat. Because I love to eat. I cook because I like to understand ingredients, because I’m fascinated by the way they interact and perfect each other. I cook because it’s a great way to flirt. But I think beyond the basic love of food, what I like about cooking is that there is no deadline. When I see something that looks incredible I don’t think “Oh man, I have to make this before Tuesday I better run to the store right away and get on it.” I can make that incredible looking thing anytime. I can make it more than once. I will appreciate it just as much on this Tuesday as I will on next Tuesday and on Tuesday a year from now. It’s kind of comforting."
  • Maknwaves - "Maknwaves is my way of documenting and sharing my love for travel, health, food, and life. I hope that you come to love my spontaneous nature, I definitely make a lot of waves in my own life and I hope in the process of writing this I am able to inspire you to stir up a couple in your own as well. Just remember to jump right in, the water may be cold, but it will make you feel alive."
  • Meg in the Kitchen (@MegintheKitchen) - "Cooking from scratch is a great way to control what goes into your food, so with this blog I hope to showcase creative, homemade meals that are accessible and demonstrate how different foods can be incorporated into a regular, mostly healthy diet. I also love butter and cheese."
  • Once Upon a Tomato by Elizabeth Benotti - "The main focus shall be healthy food and with cooking for me comes gardening. I believe it is extremely important to know where your food is coming from. And one can truly appreciated what they are eating if one is more in touch with the whole process."
  • Organic Glory by Amanda Linehan (@AMLinehan) - "I know through experience that a small urban kitchen can be more functional than what you’d find in the grandest, stainless-steel-laden McMansion, and my food prep rules are as follows: alway use top-quality knives, never use pre-grated parmesan or garlic from a jar, and always clean up as you go! (Oh, and no cats on the counter….but usually I have a tough time enforcing that one)."
  • The Pantry Raid by Sienna Mintz (@SiennaMintz) - Sienna writes, "I'm a student at Emerson College in Boston with a love for food and blogging and everything in between."
  • The Perfect Bite, Boston by Dena Raffa (Facebook) - Dena writes, ""The Perfect Bite, Boston" is focused mainly on restaurant reviews (featuring 6 specific categories) but I've recently added a new segment, The Perfect Sandwich, and also post favorite recipes."
  • Projects to Finish by Mari Pierce-Quinonez (@maripqz) - "Mari Pierce-Quinonez recently completed a dual Masters program in Urban Planning and Agriculture, Food & Environment at Tufts University...Mari's academic career influences many of the posts on this site, but she also enjoys sewing, cooking, gardening, drawing, maps, infographics, and outdoor adventures. Projects to Finish is a collection of ideas, project plans, and insights in to one or more of the above categories."
  • Runner at Heart by Daniella Piccirilli - "I love eating and running so I have inspired my blog to focus on those two things. I love trying and creating new recipes so I look forward to continuing to shares this on my blog."
  • The Salty Dog: Boston (@thesaltydogblog) - "This blog is a myriad of my rather chaotic musings when it comes to all things edible. To make it more interesting I've upped the ante and have a minuscule kitchen. (If it's a challenge it's far less upsetting). So join me for my culinary explorations of this city as I lose my way and find great eats, events and have a great time!"
  • Simple Eats by Alexa Besgen (@Simple_Eats/Facebook) - "I blog about healthy living, fitness, baking and cooking and believe that everyone should sip, savor and celebrate!"
  • Spike.Bakes by Spike Maguire (@SpikeTheBaker) - "I bake, I take pictures of things I bake, and then I blog about them. Tidbits on spinning, running, movies, tv, fashion, and travel in between. All out of Medford, MA."
  • Student Savor by Estefania Souza - "I am a student at Boston University majoring in magazine journalism with a minor in business and history (or art history). I have lived in an apartment for more than a year now, but it was in January 2011 that I decided to begin cooking on a regular basis. One of my new year's resolutions was to cook more and eat out less. That prompted me to start the blog, and now I am an addict. I love finding recipes, making them, and later adjusting them."
  • What's Baking in the Barbershop?! by Colleen Barber (@BarbershopBakes/Facebook) - "As you may guess from this blog, BAKING is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. I am very happy to have this avenue of the blog to share many of the recipes I make with all of you. :) My wish is that my blog posts will make you smile, make you hungry, and make you want to bake too! I hope that some of my passion and excitement about baking and cooking comes through in my writing, and I invite you to continue visiting the Barbershop often."
  • What's the Soup (@whatsthesoup/Facebook) - "We are today's hottest new food site with on-the-spot local reviews of some of the nation's best soups as well as feature blog musings and recipes by chefs and foodies from around the world."
  • Wine Me a River by Tara Turney Urling (@winemeariver/Facebook) - Tara writes, "My blog is new-ish, in that I started it a year ago and am really just now trying to get it really going.  My goal is to make it a fun and informative resource for foodies."

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