Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Store Coming Soon! (+ Ongoing Photo Contest!)

I'm in the process of setting up a Boston Food Bloggers store. For now, I'm just creating products on Zazzle, but eventually I'll incorporate stuff from other sites (like Cafepress) as well. This'll all be available on a "Store" tab soon.

In addition to merch with the BFB logo, I'd like to set up a collection of photo postcards and posters - food photos by you. I'm using one of my own as an example to get the ball rolling. (Check out this postcard, and be sure to look at the back as well to see where all the info will go.) Here's the plan:
  • Postcards: Full-bleed (if possible) photo on the front; BFB logo on the back upper left corner; your name (or pseudonym if you prefer), blog name, blog URL, and photo caption on the back lower left-hand corner. The same information will also be contained in the product description and tags online.
  • Posters: Full-bleed photo on the front. All the information described above will be included in the product description and tags online, but it will not be on the poster.
  • Revenue Sharing: If you submit a photo (or more) to this collection, I will split the royalties (from the postcards and/or posters made with your photos) with you 50/50. Realistically speaking, the royalties will be small. Very small. We're talking 30 cents or less per postcard, a couple bucks for a poster. When people buy things in bulk, the royalties sink lower. Don't think of this as a money-maker, because in all likelihood it won't be, but it might make a few bucks for you in the long run and a few bucks for as well to help keep the site running. Since the royalties tend to be small, I think it makes sense to pay out after a certain minimum. I'll give you monthly updates on your total, and once you reach $20, I'll PayPal money to you. Please only submit photos if you agree to these conditions. Some of you might find these conditions to be fair; some of you might not. I understand. I wish I could pay you what your work is worth, which is much more than a few cents, but this whole website is a project that has absolutely no financial backing.  By submitting your photos to this collection, you're supporting a project that might grow into something big and wonderful, or it might not. So thank you for jumping into this with me while it is in its very early stages and all I can offer you is a little bit of promotion and maybe a few bucks.
  • Time/product availability: When you submit a photo, you may specify if you'd like it used on a postcard, a poster, or both. We can do a limited run - one week only, for example - or leave it up forever (or somewhere in between). If, in the future, you regret submitting your photo or just want it removed for any reason, please let me know and I'll be happy to take it down and pay you whatever you're owed in royalties, even if you haven't yet reached the $20 pay-out. 
  • Choosing photos: If there's enough interest, it might make sense to do a contest every few weeks to choose new photos for the collection. You can submit anything you like, but photos that are well-lit, well-composed, interesting, and drool-worthy are much more likely to get picked. If photos trickle in slowly, I may just post them as they come in. We'll see. New postcards and posters will be promoted with a blog post on, as well as updates on Facebook and Twitter.
Submit your photos to me by email. This will be an ongoing project, so you can submit at any time. Please include ALL of the following information:
  • What you would like me to call you (it can be full name, first name, or a pseudonym)
  • Your blog name (with punctuation and capitalization as you would like it to appear)
  • Your blog address
  • A brief caption of the photo; I might edit it for space. (Something like "Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies" is better than "I lovingly baked these delicious chocolate chip cookies in my very own kitchen," for example.)
  • Whether you would like it put on postcards, posters, or both.
  • Whether you'd like to put it up for a limited time (how long?) or forever (if you choose "forever", you can email me at a later date to remove it if you so choose)
  • The following statement (just cut and paste, but add your full name in where the line is in the first sentence): I, ____, understand that by submitting this photo, I am allowing to use it in the creation of a postcard and/or a poster and to sell this product or products online. If my photo is chosen, I will receive 50% of the royalties from the sales of the resulting product(s) once I have earned at least $20. Royalty reports will be sent by email monthly. Payments will be made by PayPal only. If I decide that I no longer wish for my photo to be used in this way, I will contact and it will be removed as soon as possible, and outstanding royalties will be paid via PayPal even if less than $20. I will be credited in accordance with the information I provided above (name, blog name, blog address, photo caption).

Please let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to start submitting photos to me by email (with all of the above information, please!) Please send the highest resolution version that you have. You may submit multiple photos, but if you're going to send more than three or four, it'd be best to break it up into multiple emails. Once I receive a reasonable number of photos, I'll set up a contest to choose the first few for the collection.

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