Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Cooking Channel Casting Call for Food Enthusiasts!

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Ok, onwards to the good stuff!

I'm not really a fan of regurgitating press releases and similar emails that I get, but I think this one might actually interest some of you! This comes from Hana, a NYC-based producer working on a project for the Cooking Channel. 

Hana writes:
We’re a creative studio working on some fresh campaigns with the Cooking Channel. Last year, we launched their network with some amazing profile pieces and we are back for some more. Here is a link to last year's campaign
Food people lead with their taste buds and love to travel the world from their table. Food people hunger for rich information about what they eat and make. Most importantly food makes them happy and they can’t stop thinking about it.
We are looking for people who have something to say about their food passion. People who love and live food and would like to be part of this project. You can be tastemakers, artisans, cooks, gardeners, bloggers, farmers, makers, food historians, and last but not least eaters. We want to talk to people who share a deep connection to food and all others who bask in the glory of exploring good food.
Does this sound like you? Or do you have even better stories to share with us? If you are please get in touch. Send us a picture and quick description of who you are and what makes you a Food Person. We'll be interviewing the chosen few where they work, grow, cook, create, or get inspired, and using that footage for an upcoming campaign for the network. 

Please email here and include in subject: Casting call for Cooking channel.
I think there are many people in the Boston area who would be a great fit for this, don't you? Hana would like to move quickly on this, so your best bet is to email her in the next couple of days. Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested - let's get Boston represented :) 

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