Friday, February 4, 2011

Event Recap: SeamlessWeb and Boston Food Bloggers Happy Hour at The Lansdowne

If you ask 99% of New Yorkers if they've ever heard of SeamlessWeb, they'll probably start salivating. It's a well-established online food ordering and delivery service in New York and some other cities, and as it turns out, it's also in Boston! Some SeamlessWebbers were in town this week (sorry about the weather, folks!) handing out free coffee to promote the brand. You can read more about it in the event preview here.

SeamlessWeb reached out to me to see if I'd help put together a blogger happy hour while the team was in town, and I happily obliged. I was disappointed to have to shut out so many enthusiastic people from last month's launch party, so I figured this would be a good second chance for blogger mingling (and of course eating and drinking!)

Megan (Cooking Whims), Kathy (Kathy Can Cook), and Tania (The Musing Bouche)
We chose The Lansdowne due to its convenient location (alongside Fenway Park) and nice private room, and SeamlessWeb sponsored the appetizers and drinks.

SeamlessWeb provided everyone with gift cards - hello dinner next week! - and some giveaways. (I'll admit, my favorite part of the night was probably the moment when I won a $100 gift card!) Special congratulations to Kathy from Kathy Can Cook - she won the grand prize, an iPad!

I recently found out that one of my band-mates, Holly Collins, is into food and seemed receptive to the idea of starting a blog, so I invited her along. Turns out she is a mingling champion and got plenty of photos of everyone! (I always miss out on the people photos; I interact better with inanimate objects! If you see me at events, please come up and say hello, because I'm actually on the shy side and don't usually approach people, unless I've had a few sips of beer. Yep, that's about all it takes.) Anyway, the rest of these photos are all from Holly (who, by the way, plays a mean kalimba!)

Kathy won an iPad!
I won $100!! Not gonna lie. This was my favorite moment of the night. I NEVER win raffles.
Raffle time!

Mario and Matt

Meghann and Megan

Dale and Tania
A bunny-ear-free, tongue-free photo of Joel and me. This is unusual, and I should probably frame it.
Left to right: Katie, Fiona, Aimee, Meesh, Dan
Thanks for coming, everyone! Thanks SeamlessWeb for feeding us and giving us fun goodies! And thanks Lansdowne for hosting us!

One more thing...giveaway winners!

The following two winners will each receive a $25 SeamlessWeb gift card:
Congrats! Enjoy your food! I'll pass your email addresses along to SeamlessWeb, and you will receive your gift cards from them by email.

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