Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fish Tacos: Blogger Restaurant Recommendations and Recipe Round-Up!

Yesterday, a Twitter user turned to the Boston Food Bloggers community in search of advice:

BFBers swooped in quickly with many great suggestions:

  • Four votes for Dorado Tacos (Brookline).
    • On the menu:
      • Dorado ($2.59/one taco; $6.25/two tacos + black beans, Mexican rice & charred jalapeño) - beer-battered Atlantic whitefish, cabbage, salsa fresca, radishes, spicy chipotle crema
      • Ensenada ($2.59/one taco; $6.25/two tacos + black beans, Mexican rice & charred jalapeño) - beer-battered Atlantic whitefish, cabbage, salsa fresca, pickled onions, Baja crema
      • Grilled Fish (seasonal catch) ($2.99/one taco; $6.25/two tacos + black beans, Mexican rice & charred jalapeño) - grilled seasonal fish, cabbage, tomatillo and avocado salsa, Baja crema
      • Shrimp ($2.99/one taco; $6.25/two tacos + black beans, Mexican rice & charred jalapeño) - chipotle marinated & beer battered shrimp, jicama, pineapple salsa, Baja crema
      • Kids Taco ($2.59) - plain grilled fish taco on a white corn tortilla with Mexican rice and tortilla chips
    • A sampling of blogger reviews:
      • "Dave is pretty attached to the Ensenada fish tacos...He says they are the best fish tacos he has had on the East coast, and possibly anywhere. Don’t forget to squeeze fresh lime juice on top." - Free Food Boston (Read more.)
      • "...holy s**t. These fish tacos were incredible. J hit the nail on the head when he was complimenting the fish tacos - it was all about the little touches: it was how the taco was assembled, the tiny slices of radish, the just enough chipotle crema and the lightly battered fish, the two tortillas for durability. All of these things together made for a fantastic fish taco. I was glad I only had one - but could have eaten four!" - Straight Up With Olives (Read more.)
      • "Each bite [of the fish taco] was delicious and complex - soft, chewy, savory, and sour with a crunch. We ended up getting three more after wolfing down the first taco." - umommy (Read more.)
      • "Dorado’s fish tacos were far and away the best I’ve had so far in Boston...and were genuinely good on an absolute scale, including those I’ve had in Southern California...Dorado’s fish was cooked well, the breading was light and airy, and most importantly, it had some heat from the chipotle crema. Their other tacos are good as well, and I prefer them in general to Olecito’s." - The Food Monkey (Read more.)
  • Two votes for La Verdad (Fenway).
    • On the menu:
      • Pescado ($13/plate of 3) - Ensenada-style fried fish, avocado puree, cabbage, crema, salsa crudo, chipotle aioli
    • A sampling of blogger reviews:
      • "What you see [in the photo] isn't fish; it's a wedge of cabbage leaf covered in salsa and a spicy mayonnaise. Hidden below a couple of these was a small but lovely piece of flaky fried fish—could have been cod or hake, I couldn't tell—which almost made up for the extravagance of sauces." - LimeyG (Read more.)
      • "Without a doubt, the best fish tacos in Boston can be found at La Verdad on Landsdowne. I am right, people. If you beg to differ, please speak up. But I’ve had my share of fish tacos from coast to coast (actually, only on the coasts), and Ken Oringer’s are tops." - The Dainy Dot (Read more.)
  • One vote for Neptune Oyster (North End).
    • On the menu:
      • Fish tacos are the Sunday special (no price or description listed on menu)
    • I couldn't find any blog posts mentioning the fish tacos. Have you written one? Let me know.
  • One vote for Ole (Inman Square).
    • On the menu:
      • Tacos de Cangrejo ($9.40/appetizer) - crabmeat, black bean puree, mixed greens, crema fresca, roasted chile de árbol sauce
      • Tacos de Atun Asado ($21/main course) - grilled marinated rare Atlantic Ahi tuna steak, tomatillo-avocado sauce, onions, cilantro, chopped red radish, jicama slaw
      • Tacos de Camarone ($9/small plate) - beer-battered shrimp taco (Baja Mexico style), pickled cabbage, chipotle-mayonnaise, cilantro pesto
    • I couldn't find any blog posts mentioning the fish tacos. Have you written one? Let me know.
  • One vote for Papagayo (Waterfront).
    • On the menu:
      • Tacos de Atun ($9.95) - minced and spiced tuna, “wonton” tortillas, chipotle crema, cabbage slaw
      • Fish Tacos ($11.95) - pan-seared tilapia, avocado, pickled red onions, garlic mojo, cabbage slaw
    • A blogger review:
      • "We all agreed that the fish tacos are definitely the best we’ve had here in Boston." (b)log. (Read more.)
  • One vote for Picco (South End). 
    • I can't find fish tacos on the menu. A special, perhaps?
    • I couldn't find any blog posts mentioning the fish tacos. Have you written one? Let me know.

Blogger recipe round-up:

Further reading:
  • Catch the wave by Devra First (a Boston Globe article exploring Boston's fish taco offerings)

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