Friday, November 12, 2010

Restaurant Reviews of the Week

Another inaugural weekly feature! Restaurant Reviews of the Week will be posted every Friday. Use this form to nominate posts (your own or other bloggers') for any of these features, and use this other form to give me permission, in advance, to use your photos in future features (with proper linkage/credit of course). This week's winners:

Clover (sans wheels) – First Look
Penny Cherubino ~ BostonZest 
You may have heard of Clover Food Lab, which has been operating two popular trucks near MIT and South Station for awhile. Well, they just opened up their first brick-and-mortar location, and BostonZest has a video sneak peek! 

Mike & Patty's | Breakfast Sandwich Award | Bacon & Egg, Fancy
Meesh and Jacki ~ Just Add Cheese 
"I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a post on Mike & Patty’s," writes Jacki. "They are quite literally the best breakfast sandwich place EVER."

Taiwanese Food in Allston (Jo Jo Taipei)
Christine Li ~ More Than Just Dim Sum
Christine's review explores a variety of dishes at Jo Jo Tapei, a "really good Taiwanese restaurant." Pig kidneys, crabs, and a really interesting dessert, oh my!

New on Newbury: The Met Back Bay
Katie ~ The Small Boston Kitchen 
"Anytime a restaurant goes out leaving an empty gap, I can't help but get excited about what could be going in next," writes Katie. This location of the Metropolitan Club/Met Bar and Grill recently took over the old Newbury St. Joe's American. Despite a disappointing meal at another Met location, Katie decided to give the new one a try, and it fared better.

The Haven 
Christine Liu ~ The Discreet Hedonist
christine's haiku makes
this "shell of seasoned meat" sound

That's it for this week! Come back Monday for the first ever Photos of the Week feature, and don't forget to fill out this form to nominate posts and this other form to give me permission, in advance, to use your photos in future features like this.

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  1. I love this feature! There's nothing like a great food photo to capture my interest in a particular restaurant. Mike & Patty's also makes a grilled banana sandwich that is ah-mazing!