Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Biscoff Spread Giveaway Winners

Sorry for the delayed announcement! It was so long ago you probably forgot, but we're giving away two Biscoff spread gift sets (with waffles) and three Biscoff spread two-jar sets! Woohoo! Here are the winners (and their responses to the question of how they'd eat Biscoff spread):

Waffles and Biscoff Spread Gift Set
  • Erin (Erin Cooks) - "This just sounds bizarre. I have to try it. I guess I'd stick to toast initially until I figured out what it would truly taste best on."
  • Lara (Good Cook Doris) - "Yum! I would probably start with a taste out of the jar before something more civilized like spreading it on toast or pancakes."
Two Jars of Biscoff Spread
  • Nicole (I am a honey bee) - "I'd love to add that to ice cream."
  • Jo (The Hungry Crafter) - "OK, if this tastes anything like the cookies on the airplanes, then sign me right up! I actually saved a wrapper from one of those flights because I was going to try and hunt down those cookies. Yum yum. To be fair, despite intentions otherwise, I would probably end up eating most of it with a spoon :)"
  • Kerstin (Cake, Batter, and Bowl) - "I'd put it on a bagel for sure first :)"
I'll be emailing each of you momentarily to request your mailing address. Congratulations!

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