Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Join us on Flickr!

Many of you have been asking about a Flickr group, so...voilà! Join here! It'll prompt you to request to join by sending me Flickr mail. Just let me know the name of your blog, and I'll approve your membership ASAP.

Feel free to upload any photos of food (homemade, at restaurants, or anything else), food events, blogger events, etc.

Please note: By posting photos to the Flickr pool, you are giving me permission to repost them here on BostonFoodBloggers.com. They may be used in a variety of features, such as Photos of the Week, Recipes of the Week, Restaurant Reviews of the Week, or other round-ups. (Those features aren't actually weekly; they just happen once in awhile when I have some free time!) I will always include proper credit (your name if public, a link to your blog, and/or a link to the specific blog post if you provide it), and I will notify you by commenting on your photo on Flickr and/or commenting on the specific blog post where the photo came from. If you haven't already done so, please consider filling out this photo permissions form so that I have your proper information on file regarding how you'd like to be credited.

For events, I'll post tags that we can all use to better group all the photos from the event. For the upcoming launch party, for example, if we all tag our photos "BFBlaunch", we'll be able to see them all in one place by searching for that keyword within our group pool.

If you'd like me to consider your photos for (not-really-weekly) features, please add your photos to the pool and use the following tags:

BFBreview - photos from restaurant reviews
BFBrecipe - photos from recipes
BFBphoto - any other photos

Have fun, and be sure to introduce yourself on the discussion board!

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