Saturday, December 18, 2010

Event Recap: Whole Foods Affordable Holiday Entertaining

On December 8th, a large group of bloggers gathered at the Whole Foods on River Street in Cambridge (@WholeFoodsRVR on Twitter). We were there to learn about their affordable holiday offerings. Many other bloggers have posted wonderful recaps, so I'm just going to share a few photos with you and then link to all the other accounts of the evening. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of bloggers - the room was way too crowded to get a decent shot - but here's some food!

Beef satay

Chicken and spinach arancini

The very popular goat cheese logs

Sean manned the cheese table, which proved very popular.

Swedish meatballs


Other desserts

  • Affordable Entertaining at Whole Foods - Cambridge from The Foodies at Work: "The broad assortment of both fresh and prepared foods was no surprise to me.  The surprise was that Whole Foods, an upscale and rather pricey food store, wanted to provide us with information on affordable entertaining."
  • Affordable Holiday Entertaining with Whole Foods from Straight Up with Olives: "There's something about the Holidays that makes people crazy. I think it's because they try to be super-human. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping, wrapping, addressing cards, baking, giving to charity, etc. It's all too much for one person to do - somethings gotta give."
  • Celebrating the Holidays with Whole Foods from Indulge Inspire Imbibe: "The Whole Foods expert staff members were as welcoming and friendly as they were knowledgeable about the products and prices."
  • Delicious Discovery | Whole Foods for Holiday Parties from Just Add Cheese!: "If after taking one step into [Whole Foods], and upon seeing the hundreds of delicious finger foods on display at every corner, you don’t immediately think to yourself “I need all of this for the impromptu holiday party I’ve just been inspired to plan…” well then I fear a huge chunk of coal awaits you in the future."
  • An Evening at Whole Foods from Travel, Wine, and Dine: "It’s no secret that food bloggers are generally in love with Whole Foods Market. It was perhaps one of the first places that I shopped where I started to think food was art; I can still just wander around looking at their unique displays and hard-to-find goodies. I love it so much, Whole Foods even gets a shout-out in my About page."
  • Holiday Entertaining With Whole Foods from Delicious Dishings: "While I think it's great that you can pick up already prepared appetizers for your holiday parties, I love making my own dishes, so I was happiest learning all the things I could make with a log of goat cheese." 
  • Holiday Entertaining with Whole Foods from Free Food Boston: "Whole Foods has so many options for your entertaining needs, whether you plan to make it all on your own, or if you are in a pinch need to buy something already prepared. I know I will be hitting them up for cheeses and cheese platters."
  • Recap of the Whole Foods Affordable Entertaining Party from The Economical Eater: "I love Whole Foods. I love the taste tests they give you around the store and the high quality, endless food options. What I don't love: Thinking I can't shop there on a weekly basis because of the price tags...It was really great to see how many affordable options Whole Foods has - prices I never would have expected to see in their store."
  • Whole Foods for the Holidays from Yogurt and Berries: "I don’t think most people associated the word “affordable” with “Whole Foods”, but if you look for their specials and deals you really don’t have to spend a fortune on their high quality food!  I think we all learned new ideas and money saving tips for entertaining that night."

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