Monday, December 20, 2010

Event Recap: Geoff & Drew's Cookies & Brownies Tasting

Elizabeth of Free Food Boston visited Geoff and Drew's Malden headquarters last month - that's a gourmet cookie and brownie company if you haven't heard of it yet - and liked it so much that she organized a small blogger tasting so more of us could get a taste. Clover (the new Harvard Square location) was nice enough to let us convene there and taste someone else's food. Pretty sweet.

President and Chief Cookie Girl (best title ever, yes?) Carol talked to us about the history of the company and shared a whole lot of cookies and brownies with us. Yum!

Some photos follow, and be sure to check out all the other wonderful recaps of the event, linked at the bottom of this post!

Back row, left to right: Kathy (Kathy Can Cook), Fiona (A Boston Food Diary), Meghan (Travel, Wine, and Dine), Emily (A Cambridge Story), Rachel (Fork it over, Boston!); front row, left to right: Megan (Delicious Dishings), Jen (Beantown Baker), Katie (The Small Boston Kitchen), Elizabeth (Free Food Boston), Daisy (Indulge Inspire Imbibe)

Katie photographs some cookies as Jen looks on.

Daisy and Meghan live-tweet from the event!

Katie has her camera at the ready!

Clover has a gigantic Christmas tree.

Clover has a bright, clean two-level set-up.

Cookies cover the table...yum!

This M+M brownie was rich and delicious.

One of several cookies that I devoured...

I think I ate this one, too...

Megan and Jen examine the cookies.

Megan takes a picture.
  • Baking People Happy by Daisy (Indulge Inspire Imbibe) - "I am about to proclaim a bold statement, but just take my word for it...Geoff & Drew's a local gourmet cookie & brownie company bakes hands down the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted."
  • Blogger Events and a Cookie Swap! by Kathy (Kathy Can Cook) - "There were ten of us and I think we ate 20 or 25 cookies before most had had dinner.  I'm just saying these were delicious. WORTH IT."
  • Cocktails, Clover, and Cookies by Meghan (Travel, Wine, and Dine) - "I was especially enamored with the peppermint chocolate brownie which married fudgey chocolate with cool peppermint, a flavor combo that I can’t get enough of. The chocolate chunk cookies were also delicious with big chunks of chocolate and chewy cookie."
  • Cookies at Clover by Elizabeth (Free Food Boston) - "Clover has the most wonderful holiday decorations right now. We got to enjoy our treats alongside Clover’s massive Christmas tree, accompanied by an electric toy train."
  • Geoff and Drew's Cookies (+ a special offer!) by Katie (The Small Boston Kitchen) - "It's the type of cookie you wish you could make all the time.  Heck, it's the type of cookie that you wish you could eat all the time.  This is the way cookies should taste."
  • Geoff and Drew's cookies and a bite at Noir by Emily (A Cambridge Story) - "By far, my favorites were the cranberry oatmeal - chewy, buttery, with a burst of tartness - and the peppermint brownie - decadent fudge laced with a peppermint patty that cools your mouth."
  • Geoff and Drews, Gourmet Cookies and Brownies- Perfect for the holidays! by Fiona (A Boston Food Diary) - "Cooookies... They are everywhere right now. Everywhere I look there seems to be a plate of cookies just waiting to be devoured- it must be the holidays huh?"

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