Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recipes of the Week

Today's Recipes of the Week features some nice seasonal goodies to break out at or after your Thanksgiving feast! As always, you can use this form to nominate posts (your own or other bloggers') for any of these weekly features, and use this other form to give me permission, in advance, to use your photos in future features (with proper linkage/credit of course). This week's winners:

Crustless Turkey and Spinach Quiche
Shannon ~ Tri to Cook 
Doesn't this look so lovely, especially with those sliced apples on the side? This seems like a great use of leftover turkey. "This quiche could serve as a quick portable breakfast or even a light lunch/dinner alongside a green salad," writes Shannon. "Not a dense quiche, the lighter texture might be appreciated in the days after the big feast ;)"

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Butternut Squash
Jen ~ Beantown Baker 
I'm of the opinion that (nearly) anything wrapped in bacon is delicious, and this recipe has a bit of a kick to it as well, which makes it doubly delicious. "Basically, this is awesome," writes Jen. "It would make a great appetizer year-round."

Sweet Potato Pecan Cinnamon Rolls [Vegan]
Lauren Zembron ~ Healthy Food For Living
I'm always curious about vegan versions of pastries that are typically loaded with butter. Some are phenomenal; others not so much. At least appearance-wise, this one seems worth a try! "These cinnamon rolls are made without any animal products, but vegans and omnivores alike are sure to love them" writes Lauren. "Serve the rolls as part of a special Thanksgiving brunch, or for breakfast on just about any day of the week."

Pam Aghababian ~ Cave Cibum 
Pam returns from a brief blogging hiatus to bring us this Greek masterpiece, which includes pumpkin puree and feta. "I ended up making this twice in one week because it was so good," writes Pam. "The first time, I could barely hold myself back from cutting into it - I wanted to wait until dinner, but instead I declared it an appetizer (hours early?) and just dug in."

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